It is a privilege to be Lorne’s Local Funeral Celebrant

My work and style is both sensitive and caring. The lived story of your loved one has often not been told to the many who currently know her or him. My role is to create a memorable ceremony that honours your loved one in a way that you want it to be. I craft a ceremony that celebrates a life, with care and in a relaxed and professional manner. It is structured around your family’s wishes and in a way that is personal.

When preparing the ceremony, I sensitively discuss with you the following things:

  • Your experiences, including both the simple and complex memories, shaping the life’s story.
  • Traditions form the living history of the deceased.
  • The cultural background of the family is an essential part of the personalised story.
  • The inclusion of friend’s stories and reflections add a depth and richness.
  • The inclusion of both or either secular and spiritual

I am a compassionate and respectful person. I listen. Therefore, I am able to create an authentic and unique ceremony. As love is at the core of my being, you will see this reflected throughout the ceremony.

I will carefully take you through the many options at this emotional time. You may consider the type of ceremony, from a chapel or a treasured site. Do you wish for burial or cremation and is it to be public or private? I will also liaise with the funeral director if these matters are to be handled by a funeral company.



I am available to conduct ceremonies at Ballarat, Geelong and in Melbourne.


Memorial Service

At a public or private chapel, hall or private home. That’s your choice.



A ceremony can be conducted directly at the grave.


Scattering of the Ashes

 At Lorne or the Otway Ranges, or a location that meets local approval. We can create a ceremony that reflects meaning, respect and dignity.


Contact Stephen to talk about your loved one’s funeral ceremony here.